EaseUS Partition Master Free

EaseUS Partition Master Free 11.0

A free tool that allows you to check and manage your partitions in an easy way
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As its name clearly suggests, this is a free tool that allows you to check and manage your partitions in an easy way. The program offers you multiple operations you can apply to any partition you select. Many of those operations run using their own wizard-like interfaces, so you just need to follow the provided self-descriptive steps. This turns the program pretty intuitive as well.

The program's initial window is more advertising than functional, as it offers links to other free tools by the same publisher. In fact, in this window you need to click on a button to open the real interface of EaseUS Partition Master Free. Once you do so, you will see the list of all your disks, partitions and unallocated space, and the operations you can apply to each one. Those operations are Resize/Move, Copy, Merge, Convert to logical, Change label, Check, Explore, View properties, Cleanup and optimization, and Wipe data. There are also other ones offered, like "migrate OS to SSD/HHD", but they will only work once you upgrade to one of the paid editions of the program. All the mentioned functions are easily accessible through the provided toolbar or the lateral panel, however, other useful functions like "Clone disk" and "Partition recovery" can be found under the "Wizard" menu. Once again, an entire section of the program's toolbar is fully dedicated to the already mentioned advertising links.

As for the security, this tool allows you to set a password and a password hint, so you can prevent unauthorized persons from using the program. Finally, once you have configured one or more operations for a partition, you can apply them by simply clicking a button. If necessary, the program will ask you to restart your system to complete the programmed tasks. You also have Undo and Redo commands that allow you to go back to a previous state in case something went wrong with your partitions.

In a nutshell, EaseUS Partition Master Free offers you a very good set of tools to manage your partitions, considering it is a free app. However, there's still a couple of very important functions it lacks, like partition hiding and changing the drive's letter. As long as you don't need them, I would recommend you giving this tool a try. You have nothing to loose after all, as this is a truly a free tool.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive and self-descriptive interface
  • Offers a very good set of partition-management tools for free
  • Allows you to set a password to use the program
  • Allows you to undo/redo actions


  • Too many advertising links
  • Offers you functions that won't work until you upgrade to a paid edition
  • Still lacks a couple of key functions
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